Endurance Training for Runners, Triathletes and Cyclists

Boulder’s #1 Endurance Program will help you shatter your race PRs, strengthen your core, and stay injury free!

Learn how full-body, high-intensity training this winter will help you come flying out of the gate this spring. If you have stereotypes in your head about the drudgery of gym and strength training, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise, because this stuff is fun!

CrossFit Sanitas members include numerous competitive runners and cyclists, and coach Dwight Upshaw was a D1 endurance athlete at Berkeley. In 2014, we helped members train for everything from their first marathon to their first IronMan, and dozens shattered personal race PRs.

Who is this for? This program is designed for endurance athletes of all levels, from aspiring 5k first-timers to seasoned IronMen (and women!) 

How can this benefit me? 

  • Break through to a new level of training and racing next spring and summer, with a lower risk of injury
  • Build higher aerobic capacity and a stronger core to do more high quality intervals producing greater FTP (functional threshold power)
  • Build stabilizer muscles to reduce in-season injuries
  • Resist body fat creep over the holiday and winter months
  • Have fun with your training – think of it as unlimited personal training in a fun, group setting that both creates accountability and is supportive
  • Weekly ‘optimal’ programming guidance, special tips, outdoor meet-ups, etc. are offered as part of the program through our Endurance facebook group.

“I joined CrossFit Sanitas one year ago and since then have enjoyed numerous PR’s, remained 100% injury free, and overall felt much stronger and faster… all while having a ton of fun in an unintimidating group atmosphere, led by expert coaches.”

— 5x Ironman and former BolderBoulder Training Director, Scott Fliegelman

“I joined CrossFit Sanitas on September 1st of 2014, with a goal of training for my First Marathon at the age of 40. It seemed like an impossible mission to train for the “Denver Rock and Roll Marathon” as it was only 45 days away. I knew it would take a lot of training and my only thought was, “Oh my God, here we go”. The coaches were so dedicated in helping me train and prepare for the race. I could have never done it without their superior knowledge in training athletes. I thank all the coaches at Sanitas for their dedicated support and helping me achieve my goal to finish the race in under 5 hours and 30 minutes!”

— Local Business Owner and First-Time Marathon Finisher, Sam Shrestha

“Before marriage and kids, I was an endurance athlete training my body to move one dimensionally, leaving some major muscle groups over built and others virtually untouched. I left the racing scene over-trained and burned out. After back-to-back pregnancies (one with twins), I wanted to get back to distance running. I was drawn to the CFS Endurance classes and can honestly say that I have never felt stronger and more balanced as a runner. I’m blown away by the coaches’ incredible depth of knowledge and totally hooked due to the fun atmosphere and challenging classes. I think what I love most about CrossFit is that there are so many things to work on and I’m inspired to do my best, whatever that is on that day, every time I walk in the door.   

I wanted to run a marathon after a seven year hiatus. I knew I wanted to train differently and I thought Dwight’s background would be a great fit. Not only did I PR my marathon, but more importantly, I’ve never felt as strong while running and I never “hit the wall”. The most remarkable thing, to which I wholeheartedly attribute to CF training and Dwight’s personalized programming, was that recovery was next to nothing. At my age, that is huge! I would highly recommend CrossFit Sanitas to anyone. Dwight’s easy going and positive nature just makes it so much more fun and the classes will inspire you to reach your goals.”

— Mother of Three Young Boys, Amy Skaife

How often should I train in the gym?

crossfit-8-4-16-0075This depends on your goals and sport of choice. We typically recommend 3-5 one hour classes/wk, but just 3 hours of gym work alone will keep you in great shape all winter, whether or not you supplement with off-season sport-specific training. For the best results, hit 2 Endurance classes (schedule below) and fill out your regimen with regular CrossFit classes to build strength and work on aerobic capacity (these classes are called WODs or Workouts of the Day). In total, there are 80+ weekly classes to choose from, and you may drop in as often as you like with no reservation required. We also offer personal training and personalized programming which blends CrossFit with sport-specific training for an additional cost.

How much does it cost?

The Endurance program is included in our $195/month unlimited gym membership, so you get 25 hours of world-class coaching each month for less than the cost of 3 personal training sessions at most gyms. Your first month is just $135 and includes your 6-session intro class – “BaseCamp” + unlimited classes for the month.

How do I sign up?

  • Come in and try a free class.  If you’re ready to get started right away, sign up for your first month using the BaseCamp schedule below.
  • There are no extra fees for this special program. Pricing is $149 for the first month and includes your 6-session intro class – “BaseCamp” + unlimited classes for the month (WODs, Endurance, Strength, etc.).  Unlimited memberships are $210/mo after that and there are no sign-up or cancellation fees.

View our complete class schedule here. Again, you can come to any of these classes as part of your membership.

Endurance Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6:30am, 11:30am & 6:30pm
Thursday 6:30am & 11:30am
Saturday 8:30am (This class time is sometimes held at the track. Call 303-449-4635 to confirm)

Did the session you want already begin?  You can still enroll up until the second class begins if there’s no waitlist.  Just contact us at 303-449-4635 or email us.