Winners of the Rowing Challenge and December Handstand Walk Challenge

Here is the final tally for the winners of the Rowing Challenge. It came down to a 3 man race for the Men’s rowing challenge and a two woman race for the Women’s rowing challenge.

Lydia Lavigne: Takes home the win with a total number of calories rowed at 3,189
Erica Van Stennis: Was out to an early lead, but with Lydia rowing like mad the final week of the month, she ended up passing Erica by a very narrow margin. Erica wound up with at total of 2,898 Calories.

Robert “Wags” Wagner: Takes home the win with an impressive 5,252 Calories Rowed.
Elliot Jeffords: Takes home second for the gym, but beats out his dad Scott in the process with 3741 Calories rowed.
Scott Jeffords: Takes home 3rd with a total of 3233 Calories

The Handstand Walk Challenge


Plain and simple… get better walking on your hands. This is something you can practice daily and it will yield huge results in your overhead stability and core strength. Plus, it is a fun skill to show off at party’s!

How’s it work?

Day 1: Walk 10ft on your hands or double the distance in seal walk using the sliders. You can also count a 10 foot walk along the wall as a walk for the day. All feet count as reps, but you only get the reps to count if you complete all feet for the day. You can join at any time and accumulate time on your feet. Ask your coaches for scaling suggestions if you want to learn how to walk on your hands!

Each day we will be adding 10ft to the walk. So Day 2 will be 20ft and so on until Jan 31. This means in order for your Handstand walk to count on Day 31 you will need to walk 310ft on your hands!.

What do I win?

-Bragging rights

-A high level gymnastics skill to use in WODs

-A Free Massage

-A Free Blender Bottle

Get started and have some fun upside down!


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