Winner of the Water Challenge and the Mobility Challenge

Water Challenge Winner

And the winner of the August Water Challenge is…. Matt Gross with a perfect score of 124 Points. He was able to hit everyday with a perfect score of 4 points (1 point for 16oz of water first thing in the morning, drinking .8*bodyweight in ounces of water all day, and no alochol). This was by far the best challenge in terms of participation with more than 10 people everyday logging scores.

Coming in a close second was Alex Osais with a score of 114 (almost perfect), and a very close third of 110 reps by Jilmarie Stephens. Special shoutout to Kathleen Dehaven, Ben Marbach, and Andrew Kesee for hanging close with scores above 90 during this months water challenge. 

Matt Gross gets a complimentary 60-minute massage for drinking all the water!

The September Mobility Challenge

We are going into the final 3 weeks of the overhead squat cycle. We’re adding in a little extra mobility at this point to prepare to re-test our 1RM overhead squat. This should really help us all out and get that bottom of the squat nice and comfortable.

The Goal

With the mobility challenge we are looking to effectively change and increase range of motion, decrease injury risk, feel better day to day, and just overall move better.

What to Expect

Points are going to be hard to come by on this one, as you only get points for a full minute of each stretch. Anything less than 1 minute can help with some soreness, but does not do a good job of elongating the muscle and increasing range of motion. So expect a series of stretches (sometimes videos included), that are targeted for the days workout along with specific times you are suppose to stay in each stretch.

If you do this daily, you can expect to feel a ton better waking up each day and warming up for class will become a lot easier as your tightness day to day should dissipate.

How do I participate

Complete as many days of the challenge as possible, and as many of the stretches as possible. Even if you just complete 2-3 stretches for a total of 5-7min you will see some great benefits. Focus on relaxing into the stretches and not fighting for more range of motion, just go to the edge of where you feel that stretch and then breathe to allow for a little deeper stretch as the time goes on.

Where do I log my scores

Log your scores in the Monthly Challenge Section at the bottom of the Main WOD page. The score will be in reps and you get 1 rep for each minute completed. There are no half reps. If you do not sign into class go to add performance and click on metcon and scroll through to find Mobility Challenge 09.05.19 or whatever date you are planning to log.

Be sure to hit the RX button for scores to count in the final total.

Get Flexy Crew!!!

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