Winner of the Wall Walk Challenge and the Water Challenge

Wall Walk Challenge Winner

The winner of July’s Wall Walk Challenge is — Dave Warfel, who also wins for style points while doing the wall walks.

Dave and Scott Jeffords were the only two to make it the entire month of July doing the Wall Walk Challenge. Dave had two days where he accumulated more than 100 wall walks and Scott and multiple days in the 50s to keep up with days missed. It is a feet to get that many done in one month. For those wondering. If you did 1-31, that is a total of 496 Wall Walks. By completing 112 on Day 31, Dave completed 577 total walks, and Scott by completing 87 on Day 31 completed a total of 552.

Congrats to the both of them for going the distance!

The Water Challenge

What is this all about?

There is more and more research showing the importance of drinking water throughout the day. Not only does it help your performance in the gym and energy out of the gym, it has been shown to increase metabolism, lubricate joints, decrease cancer risk, and protect the brain against inflammation.

How do we score it?

As with the other challenges, there is a point scale and you must log your results in the Monthly Challenge section in the Daily WOD. You will receive 1 Point for drinking at least 16oz first thing in the morning. Yes, not coffee, just water. You can add lemon and a little himalayan sea salt to get some energy boost from this as well as it helps to stimulate your adrenals.

You will receive two points for consuming .8oz water/1lb bodyweight. As an example, I am 210 pounds, so I need to consume 168oz a day in water. Most of you will find this very challenging as maybe you drink mostly coffee or juice, but I promise if you switch to mostly water, your energy levels will be far greater than drinking coffee.

And finally you get 1 point for abstaining from alcohol as alcohol has been shown to have negative affects on total body hydration.

How do I get started?

Wake up, drink some water, then drink some more water, and input your scores in Wodify. You can start at anytime during the month.

Have fun with it and have this as a daily goal even if you don’t reach it every day!!


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