Is CrossFit For You?

Do you want to?

  • Feel stronger and healthier
  • Tone up and shed fat
  • Improve performance in running and other sports
  • Look great in a swimsuit
  • Rediscover the joy of working out

Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas will help you reach your goals.

Here’s how:

  • High-Intensity – Research has proven that training for short periods at or near maximum effort is far more effective at boosting metabolism and improving health and performance than traditional long, slow distance training. It is also a lot more time-efficient and fun!
  • Constant Variety – We get you out of your rut with a different workout every day. Over the course of a year, you’ll enjoy 300 different workouts composed of nearly 100 different movements. Every muscle, bone, joint and ligament (not to mention your neuroendocrine system) will receive unprecedented stimulation.
  • “Best Practices” drawn from a wide range of disciplines – Very few movements were developed by CrossFit. Instead, CrossFit’s secret is refining and combining the most effective movements from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, cardio and beyond and making them accessible and challenging to everyone from beginners to elite athletes.
  • Expert, inspiring coaches – Coaching is integral to the CrossFit experience, and the complexity and range of movements requires a dedication and capability far beyond that of a typical personal trainer. Our expert coaches will help you get the most out of your workout while keeping things fun, safe and challenging. As with any sport, good coaching makes all the difference. Our head coach, Caleb Diebolt, came for Reebok’s CrossFit training center, which is considered by many to be the best CrossFit training facility in the world and the main sponsor to all the top CrossFit athletes. There he helped build the new member program, led their CrossFit Endurance program for athletes trying to improve their race times, honed their CrossFit Kids program, and worked with hundreds of athletes to modify workouts around their injuries. He leads an excellent team of coaches that are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness potential.
  • Measurable results – in just 3-5 hours per week, you will see a dramatic improvement in your overall fitness. We use benchmark workouts to track success…the results will surprise you!
  • Fun and supportive community – CrossFit may be the first sport where the last finisher is cheered on as enthusiastically as the first. The bonds created in the gym extend well beyond it, and your fellow CrossFitters will support you, motivate you, and help hold you accountable, as you will them.
  • Friendly, welcoming environment – CrossFit Sanitas offers a warm, sun-drenched, spacious facility with pleasant, inspiring music, and ample room to relax and mingle before and after workouts. It is a far cry from “industrial/garage” CrossFit stereotype.
  • Tailored to busy professionals, moms and students – our central location and convenient schedule with nearly 50 classes per week, make it really easy to get your workout in as part of your daily routine.
      • Central location right near McGuckin’s
    • Onsite childcare
    • CrossFit Kids classes (starting in April)
    • Fully-stocked locker rooms with health-club amenities
    • Fun events to mingle with fellow members
  • Holistic approach to fitness – CrossFit extends far beyond the workout itself into nutrition, recovery and participation in other sports of your choice. Each of our coaches is fully accessible between workouts for information and inspiration. Sanitas supports your entire fitness journey by offering:
    • Nutrition counseling and grass-fed meats to take home
    • Yoga: Free weekly class and discounts at The Little Yoga Studio
    • Onsite massage from Boulder Therapeutics
    • Endurance classes to improve race times
    • Healthy, hot meals from Zolo for only $10
    • Special Chiropractic programs from The Joint
    • Boulder’s first cold plunge pool for recovery

What to Expect

BaseCamp is our Beginner’s program that will introduce you to CrossFit in 8 sessions, MWF over 2 ½ weeks. During your first session, you will get a baseline of your fitness level and then you’ll retest again after just 2 ½ weeks of BaseCamp. You’ll be amazed at the results! BaseCamp classes are limited to smaller groups, have lower intensity and a strong focus on form.

Click here to read testimonials from Sanitas members.

WODs – Workouts of the Day

These last for an hour, are run several times daily and are broken into four parts:

  1. Warm Up
  2. Skill – learn the perfect pushup, pull-up, deadlift, etc.
  3. WOD – short, very intense workout of the day (usually 7-20 minutes)
  4. Stretching – we’ll use foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands, etc.


Your first month is only $135. Or, not sure yet, come and try your first class free.

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