Welcome Our Newest Massage Therapist: Abby Murphy!

Hello CrossFit Sanitas!

My name is Abigail Murphy and I am a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist — I am so thrilled to be joining your team! I have lived in Colorado for 4 years and have been on a health and wellness journey, looking to a number of modalities, to allow for natural healing. I have my undergraduate degree in science education, with a natural love for teaching; but after working in the school systems, I quickly realized I had more to learn, and that the right setting for me to use my talents was still out there.

Upon moving to CO, I attended Cook Street School of Culinary arts. Here, I was immersed in the amazing culinary techniques of France and Italy, and I learned about the beauty of food, as well as the importance of eating whole and balanced meals. Not long after I graduated from this program, I started doing CrossFit, and began working on my physical health, too. I really enjoyed CrossFit and the strong community  it boasts. In 2017, I had to put a hold on CrossFit after I received severe whiplash from a car accident — this is when I found massage.

I started seeing a massage therapist after my accident and instantly knew this was something I wanted to do. Through touch and connection, it was possible to stimulate the bodies’ natural healing process, and this fascinated me. Not to mention, I had been dealing with severe chronic pain and could really relate to my clients. In 2018 I graduated from The Colorado School of Healing Arts, falling in love with neuromuscular therapy because of its therapeutic nature and ability to make lasting and healing effects in the body.

I love incorporating other techniques into my massage, such as, sports, myofascial release, refloxology, deep tissue, swedish, prenatal, etc., to create a truly integrative and client centered massage. Every body is different, like a unique puzzle, and it’s my goal to design a personalized plan for each client in order to meet their needs and allow for true healing!

Once again, I am so excited to join your community and can’t wait to get involved!

Below is my regular schedule, and you can book at the front desk or by clicking the button below.

Tuesdays 8:00am – 1:00pm
Fridays 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturdays 7:30am – 2:00pm

Click Here to Book a Massage with Abby

Abby Murphy

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