Welcome New Team Member, Chelsea!

We are very excited to welcome Chelsea to our CrossFit Sanitas team! She’s new to Boulder and will be working the front desk multiple days a week, usually in the early mornings, so be sure to say hi when you see her and give her a warm welcome to the community.

Chelsea was born and raised in Northwest Washington, and recently moved to Colorado to pursue her MBA at CU. She’s been an athlete her entire life, playing softball and soccer in her youth, competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting in college, and now doing CrossFit and trail running.

All of these experiences have led her to realize there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to diet or fitness, and the best path is the one that you love and can adhere to. For her, CrossFit satisfies the part of her that enjoys moving a barbell and learning new things, while keeping her fit enough to hit the trails.

Outside of the gym, Chelsea finds joy in baking, reading non-fiction, and connecting with people.

We also wanted to share this creative essay about trail running Chelsea wrote for her application to grad school:

The trees blurred. The only sounds were of my breathing and my shoes hitting the trail. I smiled. My arms flew into the air as I ran down the trail to maintain my balance as I rounded the corner of a switchback. I had spent my childhood and adolescence hiking, but this was my first time running downhill during a day in the mountains. I felt like I was flying. Even with an athletic history, trail running was intimidating and difficult, but that was the appealing part, so I persisted.  As I ran down a trail, my daily life faded into the background; I am transported to a place where I truly feel alive.

I love the freedom that trail running provides. I feel like a kid playing in the woods. My eyes are opened like a child’s who first discovers the feeling of dirt in their hands. It is innocent and pure. Trail running is about the discovery of self and of others. Solo-runs are an opportunity to release stress, plan my week, and appreciate life. This is all accomplished simultaneously while I jump over rocks, roots, run up and over hills, and dodge branches. Group runs foster community, and add an element of friendship that I have yet to experience in any other aspect of my life. We support each other, suffer together, and enjoy the beauty our world has to offer. Trail running is a desire to push further, do better, and overcome any obstacles in life.

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