The Weekly Preview! (The Open: Week 3 (030518)

The Weekly Outlook

This week we will be starting off the week with two very fun conditioning style workouts that are meant to develop skills we are sure to see in the upcoming open workouts! We will continue some strength progressions in there during these weeks by going heavy on Monday before the conditioning piece and going heavy on Thursday with some good volume on Back Squats.

This weekend will have a partner workout 1:1 Work:Rest style WOD on Saturday and be ready for Bench Press and Bent Rows coming on Sunday!


Weightlifting Technique (Power Snatch) + Double Unders, Handstand Push-Ups, and Power Snatches in our conditioning piece!


A fun chipper style WOD with Wall Balls, Running or Rowing, Thrusters, and Ring Muscle-Ups…. Expect some practice and work on those pesky muscle-ups.


A Challenging EMOM style WOD with Power Cleans, Toes to Bar, Deadlifts, and Box Jumps


Back Squats and Running or Rowing… That is all!


Open WOD 18.3?? Let’s see what TDC has in store for us!


Partner Interval Style WOD with movements not seen in 18.3!


Bodybuilding: Upper Body Focused Strength Work

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