The Weekly Preview (Oct 2-Oct 8)

Weekly Outlook and Focus

This week has some similarities to last week. We spent some time working on Bar Muscle-Up progressions last Tuesday and this Tuesday we will be working on Ring Muscle-Up Progressions. We will continue our squat cycle to improve our 5RM Back Squat by squatting on both Monday and Friday this week! If you have had some problems with your split Jerk please come in on Thursday and we will be spending more skill work time on perfecting our technique on the Split Jerk.


Strength Focus: Pause Front Squats
Conditioning Focus: Power Snatches, Burpee Box Jumps, and Medball Cleans! Technique focus here will be on the Medball Clean.


Ring Muscle-Up Technique day. Our Workout will have small manageable sets of Muscle-Ups and we will be spending a fair amount of time on muscle-up practice before WOD.


Building up that Posterior Chain with some Deadlifts and Running!


Working up to a 1RM Split Jerk Today, and working on linking TTB in our conditioning portion.


Strength Focus: Back Squats
Another Open Test Workout “12.2” Thrusters and C2B Pull-Ups


A Fun 20min AMRAP in teams of 4! Rowing and Power Cleans today…


Push Presses and Inverted Rows for Strength Focus on upper Body Push/Pull Couplet.


Keep up with that consistency and have a great week!!

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