The Weekly Preview November 18th (New Cycle Starts)

Monday: Weightlifting and Lower Body Strength Emphasis

Power Snatch
Every 90sec x 8 Sets
1.1.1 at 70% of 1RM Power Snatch

E2:30MOM for 7:30 (3 Sets of Each)
B1) Back Squats
8 Reps at 60% of 1RM
B2) Hip Thrusts
8 Reps at Challenging Weight

Core Work
10 tuck crunches
10 side plank pulse per side
10 plank knee to elbow

Tuesday: Member of the Month WOD

“The Knight Rises”
20min AMRAP
1975m Row Buy-In
In Remaining Time AMRAP of
11 Low Hang Muscle Cleans at 75#/55#
11 Overhead Squats at 75#/55#
11 Strict Pull-Ups


Wednesday: Upper Body Strength Emphasis

A1) 10 Single Arm Alternating DB Bench *start at top 30×1 Tempo
A2) 12-15 Bent Over Reverse Flys

Strength Conditioning
5 Rounds for Time
5 Single Arm Devils Press at 35#/25# (per arm)
5 Strict HSPU
50 Double Unders

Thursday: Aerobic Development

EMOM for 30min
1. Row
2. Deadhang (close/mid/wide grip)
3. Jumping Squats
4. Elbow Plank
5. Lateral PVC Overs 20/16
6. Slam Ball Wall Sit 50/40

*Max Reps on Each

Friday: Posterior Chain Emphasis

Deadlift From Blocks as Every 3min for 12min
5-5-5-5 *increasing loads and working in groups
Barbell is set up just above knee – adjust blocks appropriately.

400m Buy-In
Kettlebell Swings at 53#/35#
Toes to Bar
400m Cash-Out

Saturday: Work Capacity

16min AMRAP
8 Burpee Pull-Ups
16 Box Jumps at 24”/20”
18 Medball Cleans at 20#/14#
22 Double Unders
*With a Partner Splitting anyway you want

Sunday: Upper Body Strength Work

Strict Press Wendler Cycle
set 1 @65%
set 2 @75%
set 3 @ 85%
set 3 is max reps

Death by Strict HSPU
Min 1: 1 Rep
Min 2: 2 Reps
Min 3: 3 Reps and so on…

Core Crush Finisher
Tabata 4x through stations
Hollow Hold
Side Plank R
Side Plank L

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