The Weekly Preview 050619

CrossFit Kids begins May 21!  Click here for more info.

Your weekly preview described in the words of Coach Antonio…

Mixed Modal Monday

  • A nice little hypertrophy pulling session followed by 3 rounds of some running, pull ups, and push ups. FUN!

Weightlifting Tuesday

  • Some quality squat clean action and then CORE SMASH. SUPER!

Threshold Wednesday

  • This should be painful. YEAH!

Aerobic Conditioning Thursday

  • 40 minutes of rowing at 70% with some strict K2E, strict HSPU, and rope climbs sprinkled in there. GREAT JOB!

Intense Intervals Friday

  • A hypertrophy squat session and then some 1:1 intervals of rope skipping, DB deadlifts, and DB front squats. YOWZA!

Partner Saturday

  • Find your two best buds and get ready to exercise. Team running, rowing, beefy strong shoulder complex for beefy strong shoulders, and then some hip extensions for your backside. BULLSEYE!

Carry Stuff Sunday

  • Pick up weight. Move weight. Do again. Make strong muscle. COOL!

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