The Weekly Preview March 2nd!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are excited to get into the new week! We have officially started the Pull-Up Challenge and are already seeing a good number of people embarking on it. To learn more about the Pull-Up Challenge
click here

The week rounds into form by starting off with Push Press strength stamina work and we will finish off the week with a fun AMRAP of gymnastics skill work that is sure to challenge you.

Here is a look at every workout coming down the pike in detail!

Monday: Upper Body Strength Work

Push Press
3-6-9 Reps at 60%
3-6-Max Reps at 70% of 1RM Push Press

Mixed Modal Muscular Endurance Work
3 Rounds
12/10 Ring Push Ups
12/10 Cal Bike
12 Box Jump Overs 24/20
12 Wall Balls
12 Burpees
12/10 Cal Row

Tuesday: Lower Body Strength Work

Unilateral Strength
A) Front Foot Elevated Split Squat
8 Reps/Leg
x4 Sets

R: 60sec between Sets

B) Single Leg Hip Thrusts off Bench
8 Reps/Leg
x4 Sets

R: 60sec between Sets

Time Trial
Row 1000m for Time

Wednesday: Weightlifting Day

Every 2min for 12min
Pause Clean Pull + Low Hang Power Clean
*Pause 2sec at 2” below knee on Pull
(1+1) x 2

Strength Conditioning
10 Dual KB Suitcase Deadlift at 53#/35#
15 American KBS at 53#/35#
30 Double Unders

R: 90sec
x 4 Sets

Thursday: Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic Capacity
EMOM x 40min
1) 5 Burpees + Max Cal Ski
2) 5 Burpees + Max Cal Row
3) 5 Burpees + Max Cal Bike
4) Rest
5) Rest

Friday: Gymnastics Day

Skill Work
*Body Position on Handstand
*Toenail Spot Strict Ring Muscle-Up
*Support Drills on Rings
*Hip Mobility for Candlestick Roll-Up

Gymnastics WOD Day
14min AMRAP
2 Strict Ring Muscle-Ups
1 Wall Walk + 10 Wall Facing Shoulder Taps
5 Candlestick Roll-Up
5 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

Saturday: Partner Hero WOD with volume squatting

“Hero WOD Partner WOD”
Seven rounds for time of:
Run 400m (run together)
135#/95# pound Back squat, 29 reps (share workload)

Sunday: Wait…What??

“Clock Mayhem”
Intervals will be from 15sec to 90sec Long and Rest intervals will be from 15-60sec long at random interval and rest periods. Idea is to accumulate as much time as possible in the working periods then move to next station

Station #1: Plank Hold
Station #2: Strict Knee to Elbow
Station #3: Cal Row
Station #4: Alternating V-Ups
Station #5: Handstand Hold
Station #6: Slam Balls at 30#/20#

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