The Weekly Preview Jan 6th, 2020

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We are back in the full swing of things and excited to see everyone back and ready for action. The turnout at this Sunday’s goal setting workshop was great and we hope you walked away with some tools to help you meet those goals in the coming year.

We have started off this year with our AirDyne Bike challenge with the goal of increasing your overall capacity. We are measuring that off the 10min Max Cal AD Bike Test, so make sure to get that done in order to take part in the challenge.


Mixed Modal Conditioning
Every 15min for 30min
2 Rounds of
400m Run
15 Toes to Bar
30/25 Cal Bike

Should Be about 7-10min then rest until 15min mark and do again


Every 90sec for 10 Sets
Pause Snatch High Pull + Low Hang Squat Snatch

Mixed Modal Conditioning
For Time:
Overhead Squats at 95#/65#
Strict Pull-Ups


Tempo Deadlift 3131

Strength Conditioning
30sec Double KB Front Rack Wall Sit at 26#/16#
15 Russian KBS at 53#/35#
12/9 Cal Row Sprint

R: 1min
x4 Sets


Aerobic Conditioning
30min AMRAP
200m Run
10 Burpees
20 Alt V-Ups
15 Wall Balls at 20#/14#
50 Double Unders


Strict Press Cycle

Set 1 @ 75%x5
Set 2 @ 85%x3
Set 3 @ 95%x1+ max reps

Benchmark WOD
“Strict Diane”
Deadlifts at 225#/155#
Strict HSPU



Interval Conditioning
8/6 Strict Pull-Ups
20 PVP Overs at 24”/20”
400m Run
R: 2min

x 4 Sets


A1) 10 Single Arm Alternating DB Bench *start at top 30×1 Tempo
A2) 12-15 Bent Over Reverse Flys

Strength Conditioning
3 Rounds for Time:
10 Push-Up + Renegade Rows at 35#/25#
5 Hang DB Clusters at 35#/25#
50 Double Unders

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