The Weekly Preview (August 19-Aug 25): Last Chance to Register for the Clean Challenge!

A big announcement! The Clean Challenge Starts next Monday, August 26th! We are making a big push to have as many members as possible join to create a culture for change and promoting solid lifestyle changes that you all can implement for lifelong health, not just for a one-month challenge. Get signed up by August 22nd in order to be assigned to a team.

Register for the Clean Challenge Here

*If you are unsure about joining, or want to learn more in general, we will be having a Q&A this Tuesday at 6pm at the gym.*

Now for the week ahead! We are continuing our Overhead Squat progression on Mondays and Fridays along with building more time on those gymnastics isometric holds, and time in that threshold zone.

Monday: Leg Strength Focus Day

A) Strength
E3MOM x 12min 5 Overhead Squats + 10 Back Squats
*goal is to start 5-10# heavier this week and end 5-10# heavier

B) Conditioning
For Time:
1000m Run
60 KBS at 53#/35#
30 Strict Pull-Ups

Tuesday: Gymnastics Focus Day

A) Gymnastics
EMOM x 10min
Even: 15-20sec Dip Support Hold
Odd: 15-20sec False Grip Hold

B) Gymnastics Conditioning
50ft Handstand Walk
10 Strict K2E
10 Dumbell Z-Press at 35#/25#
20 Abmat Sit-Ups

R: 90sec
x 3 Rounds

Wednesday: Aerobic Stamina Combined with Power Output

Skill Focus: Squat Clean

Strength Conditioning
20min AMRAP
30/24 Cal Row
20 Wall Balls at 24/20
10 Burpees

E3MOM Complete
1 Squat Clean at 85% of 1RM

Thursday: Interval Conditioning Focus

Interval Day 2:30 on/2:00 off
20/15 Cal Bike
15 Double KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull at 35#/16”
15 Box Jump Overs at 24”/20”

R: 2min
x5 Sets

Friday: High Skill Day

A) Strength 
E3MOM x 12min
3 Overhead Squats + 7 Back Squats

B) Strength Conditioning
For Time:
Hang Squat Snatch at 135#/95#
Bar Muscle-Ups

Saturday: Team WOD

In a Team of 3
There will be two scores

One for Max Calories
One more Max Rounds

So one person should always be on rower and other two partners working on AMRAP

15min AMRAP
1) Row for Calories
2) AMRAP of
15 Russian Kettelbell Swings at 70#/53#
15 Abmat Sit-Ups

*can only be working while partner holds plank


A) Strength Accessory
EMOM x 12min
1) DB High Pulls x 10/arm
2) Cross-Over Symmetry 90-90 x 10
3) DB Lateral Shoulder Raises x 10
4) Supine Plate Overhead Thoracic Opener x10 with 15/10# Plate

B) Strength Stability Work
5 Sets for Quality
Ring Rows x 8-12 *unbroken Reps
R: 30sec
Bear Crawl x 50ft
R: 30sec
Rope Pull-Ups x 6 (3 with right hand on top/3 with left hand on top)
R: 30sec
Turkish Get-Up x 2/side

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