The Weekly Preview 6/11/18

The Weekly Outlook

Expect some fun stuff this week with a great Benchmark Test workout on Friday. We will be continuing our paused squat progression along with adding in some Front Squat progressions this week. Focus this week is moving to some shorter, faster efforts than the last few weeks, but expect a little more bias towards strength programming this week.


Tempo Front Squats and a Clean Complex!!


Airdyne Bike Sprints + Double Unders, KBS, and Toes to Bar


Gymnastics Specific Strength Metcons… with Strict HSPU, Strict Pull-Ups, Burpee Box Jumps and Empty Barbell Thrusters


Paused Back Squats, along with a fun metcon with dumbell strength work!


A technical and challenging benchmark style metcon with Squat Snatches, Muscle-Ups, C2B Pull-Ups, Wall Balls, and Rowing


We will be working in Antonio’s Ninja Jump Complex along with some Strict Presses and Inverted Rows


Bench Press Strength and Body Building Accessory work

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