The Weekly Preview 12/4/17-12/10/17

The Weekly Outlook

This week we will be incorporating some fun skills and drills to work on overhead positioning as well as going over handstand walking drills and the toe to bar kip glide. Both working on developing the gymnastics swing as well as the short swing. This weekend will be a fun partner chipper involving rowing and burpee box jumps overs and we will finish off on Sunday with more of a strongman style workout involving carry’s and core work.


Overhead Squats + Pull-Ups + Double Unders! A fun little triplet with prescribed rest intervals to keep you focused and moving well.


HS Walks and Circus DB Clean and Press. Fun Drills and Skills today!


Back Squat Muscular Strength Work Day along with a solid conditioning EMOM ready to challenge your idea of pacing…


Toes to Bar and Toes to Bar and Toes to Bar and…. something else…


“CrossFit Sanitas Test #2”

This will be an open style workout with 4 movements mixing up weightlifting and gymnastic components in an alternating fashion. Guaranteed to get your heart rate up and be a fun benchmark test that will be re-tested before the open.


A Partner Workout consistent of Rowing and Burpee Box Jumps. A challenging couplet meant to keep work and rest intervals short and fast!


Strongman style wod day with odd-objects and carry’s to round out the week!


Enjoy everyone and we will see you in there!

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