The Weekly Preview 12-23-18

The Weekly Outlook

Happy Holiday’s everyone!! Hope you are enjoying the season with family and friends. Here is the weekly outlook. Take note that we have a modified schedule Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then are back to our normal routine on Thursday. Friday is a special Benchmark workout that should get you ready to test out “Karen” the following Friday! Get after it and have fun this week.

Monday: Christmas Eve (8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am) ONLY

Back Squat 5RM

50 Hang Clusters for Time at 95#/65#
Every time you Drop the Bar you must perform
8 Toes to Bar

Tuesday: Christmas Day (No Classes)

Rest Day or 100 Burpees for Time

Wednesday: (8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am) Only

Take 6min to Find a Max Height Hurdle Jump
Then lower by a touch and
Perform 1 Jump Every 15sec for 5min

Every 4min for 16min
15/12 Cal Bike
15 KBS at 70#/53#
60sec Row for Max Calories *only your lowest cal row counts


3 Rounds of Increasing Load
Every 90sec Perform
Set 1: 3 Power Snatch
Set 2: 2 Power Snatch
Set 3: 1 Power Snatch

Strength Conditioning
EOMOM x 12min
Even: 5 Deadlift at 275#/185# + 50 Double Unders
Odd: 7 Pull-Ups + 12 Push-Ups


Double KB Front Rack Step-Ups
Every 2min for 8min
5 Step-Ups on Each Leg

“The Crippler”
For Time:
75 Wall Balls at 20#/14#
50 Burpee Box Jump Overs at 24”/20”
75 Wall Balls at 20#/14#


19min AMRAP as
1min on/1min off *every time you come back in you just pick-up where you left off
14/10 Cal Row
10 DB Hang Power Clean and Press
8 Ring Rows
6 Strict Handstand Push-Ups


Take 15min to Find
20m Farmers Carry for Max Weight

Every 4min for 16min
10 Bench Press at 135#/95#
10 Power Cleans at 135#/95#
20 Hip Extensions on GHD

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