The Weekly Preview 11-13-17

The Weekly Outlook

This week we will be testing our 1RM Back Squat on Monday!! So be ready for a little heavy squatting and some good prep work to get your ready to PR. The rest of the week will incorporate some fast intervals Wednesday, a test of Overhead strength on Thursday and a Fun Team workout Saturday that will be sure to leave you sweating!


1RM Back Squat with some light conditioning to get the blood flow going before we Max Out.


A Re-Test of a Sanitas Conditioning Benchmark with Rowing, Burpee Box Jumps, and Wall Balls.


The Focus today is on Overhead Stability as well as pull-Up Strength. We will be doing some Snatch Technique work, Overhead Squats and incorporate some hard fast intervals with long rest periods.


Push Press Strength Work along with some conditioning focus on abmat sit-ups and double-unders.


Today will be a heavier style Metcon with the emphasis being on the Squat Clean for today’s WOD.


In Teams of 3 we will be working on a lot of Mono-structural work (running/rowing/biking) while including some good sets of core work and box jumps.


We should just call this Pump Day because we will be doing a fun Benchmark workout that most of you have never heard of.


Bench Press and Pull-Ups!

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