Weekly Preview (10/30/17-11/04/17) Halloween Week!

The Weekly Outlook

This week we are continuing our tempo squat progression on Monday! Tuesday we will be doing “Jack the Chipper” for Halloween. Throughout the rest of the week we will be modulating the intensity and duration each day, by going long on Wednesday, having some 1:1 Rest to work ratio sprints on Thursday and then working on Barbell cycling come Friday.


Strength Focus: Tempo Back Squats
Conditioning Focus: Strict HSPU, Lunges and Front Squats


“Jack the Chipper”
For Time:
75 Wall Balls at 20/14
50 C2B Pull-Ups
25 Burpees over the Bar
15 Hang Squat Snatches


An Endurance style workout with a Buy-In and Cash-Out of Running and Toes to Bar


Head down, heart pumping, Intensity…
A solid mix of Rowing, Air Squats, KBS, and Burpees.

Benchmark Friday:

“The Big Clean Complex”


A Partner Chipper with the Airdyne Bike, Slam Ball Cleans, Pushups, and a fun new core exercise!


Today is a Strength Focused day with emphasis on the posterior chain. All the way from the Hamstrings up through the lats!

Enjoy the week and Happy Halloween!



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