The Weekly Preview 090919

We are moving into the 3rd week of the Clean Challenge, which means we have two more weeks of building on those progressions before we re-test those benchmark workouts! Also the mobility challenge is in full swing and we are seeing a good amount of participation. Keep it up and you will see some huge improvements in your range of motion as well as how good you feel day-to-day.

Monday: Squat Strength

A) E3MOM x 12min
4 Overhead Squats + 8 Back Squats

B) 3 Rounds for Time *can anyone go sub 10min
500m/425m Row
30 Air Squats
15 Burpees

Time Cap: 15min

Tuesday: Chipper!

For Time:
800m Run
30 Push Press at 115#/75#
60 Abmat Sit-Ups
30 Push Press at 115#/75#
800m Run

Wednesday: Weightlifting Focus

A) Snatch Pull + Low Hang Squat Snatch
Every 90sec x 10sets
*getting up to a technical heavy for day

B) Block Snatch Grip Deadlifts *from 8” Boxes
Every 2min for 8min
4 Reps *at 80% PE

Thursday: Grip Strength

AMRAP x 20min
Max Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups
200m Farmer Carry at 53#/35#
100 Double Unders
*Reps of Strict Pull-Ups is score

Friday: Open Style WOD

A) E2:30MOM x 10min
2 Overhead Squats + 6 Back Squats

B) Every 2min until Failure
Minutes 0-2:
10 TTB
10 OHS (95/65)
Minutes 2-4:
12 TTB
12 OHS
Minutes 4-6: 14/14
Minutes 6-8: 16/16


In Teams of 3 *completing a full round then switching partners
Work to Rest is 1:2
15 Burpees
400m Run
20 Deadlifts at 225#/155#

x3 Rounds / Each Partner


As :40on/:20off
1. Sled March
2. Plank
3. D-Ball Carry
4. Plank
5. Farmer Carry

No prescribed weights.

Goal: Carries/holds unbroken

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