The Weekly Preview 072219

This next week we are moving into the final days of our Wall Walk Challenge! Looks like there are still a half dozen pushing through and staying strong. Keep it up!! We have a good mixture of really short, fast interval workouts along with a grueling Tuesday aerobic stamina builder!


Strength Work:
EOMOM x 8min
Even: BB Romanian Deadlift x 5-7 Reps at 60-70% PE
Odd: Double KB FR Step-Ups x 5-7/Leg at 60-70% PE

3 Rounds for Time
20 Step-Down Box Jumps at 24”/20”
20 Russian KBS at 53#/35#
400m Run


For Time:
Row 2k
200ft Walking Lunge
30 Body Blasters (Burpee + Strict Pull-Up + Strict K2E)
200ft Walking Lunge
Run 2k


Weightlifting Focus Day
Every 2min for 8min
Power Clean + Split Jerk
4 Sets at 70%
1.1.1 R: 10sec between reps

Barbell Conditioning
Every 5min for 15min
20/15 Cal Bike
15 HPC & PJ at 135#/95#
Goal 2min on/3min off


Squat Progression Continues
Back Squat at 3211 Tempo
Every 3min for 15min
4 Reps at PE of 75-85%

For Time:
Deadlift at 225#/155#
Wall Balls at 20#/14#

3 Rounds
Slider Hamstring Curls x 10-12
V-Ups x 10-12
Banded Hip Thrusts off Bench x 20

Friday: Benchmark Test!!

“Lead Foot”
4min AMRAP
27/21 Cal Row
27 Burpees
27 C2B Pull-Ups

4min Rest

4min AMRAP
21/15 Cal Row
21 Burpees
21 Toes to Bar

4min Rest

4min AMRAP
15/9 Cal Row
15 Burpees
15 Pull-Ups


Team WOD
4 Person Teams *Waterfall
4 Rounds for Time
200m Run
50ft Seal Walk as 25f/25b
20 V-Ups
3 Wall Walks

“Grunt Work Sunday”

16min AMRAP
100m Farmers Carry at 70#/53#
8 D-Ball Squats at 100#/80#
15 Hip Extensions
50 Double Unders
40m Sled Push at +3/2 Added
40m Double KB Overhead Carry at 35#/16#

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