The Weekly Preview 07.29.19

We are finally to the last few days of the Wall Walk Challenge! A special surprise will be in store for any of those still going on day 31 of the challenge. Hint: there can only be 1 winner.

As we head into the final week of July and make our way into August we will be starting to head into the phase where we get ready to test some 1RMs again before the next cycle starts. Be on the lookout for the next monthly challenge test coming for August.

Monday: Focus Workout of the Week!

“A Different type of Death By”
In 5:30 to Complete, then 5:00 to Complete, 4:30 to Complete, 4:00 to Complete, 3:30 to Complete, 3:00 to complete!!
20/15 Cal Row
15 KBS at 53#/35#
10 “no jump” Burpees
15 Wall Balls at 20#/14#

The goal with this type of a workout is to challenge your ability to hold back a little in the beginning of workouts and learn how to increase pace. So as opposed to you going out fast and seeing if you can hold on, we will be challenging you today to start at about 70% effort and use a lot of the 5:30 time domain to complete the work. Then increase pace a bit and use the 5:00 to complete the work, and so on, trying to see if you can increase the pace enough to stay on task and complete the entire workload in 3:00.


Gymnastics Strength
A1) Handstand Push-Up Strength Work
*controlled Kip + 5 Count Eccentric
3-5 Reps x 5 Sets

A2) Inverted Rows
6-8 Reps x 5 Sets

Strength Conditioning
11min AMRAP
8 Strict Pull-Ups
8 Single Arm DB Push Press/side
12 Box Jumps at 30”/24”


Front Squat at 32×1 Tempo
Every 3min for 15min
4 Reps at PE of 75-85%

For Time:
9-7-5 Squat Clean at 155#/105#
21-15-9 Toes to Bar


The Triple 3
For Time:
3000m Row
300 Double Under
3 Mile Run


Conventional Deadlift
Every 90sec for 6 Sets
3 Reps as 1.1.1 at 60-80%

Strength Conditioning
EMOM x 12min
1) 8 D-Ball over Shoulder at 100#/80#
2) 15 GHD Sit-Ups
3) 20m Sled Sprint at 3/2 Plates added
4) Rest


2 Person Teams
Interval Day 1:1 

Relay Style
4 Rounds for Time
Run 300m/each
25 Overhead Squats at 45#/35#/Each
20 Box Jumps/Each
15 K2E/Each


Every 90sec for 15min (10sets)
1 Split Jerk working up to a heavy

Strength Accessory
4 Sets in 12min
Z-Press x 8
Seated Rear Delt Flys x 12-15
Ring Rows x 8-10
R: as needed between exercises

Anaerobic Sprint
4 Sets of 15sec Bike Sprint
R: 2min between sprints


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