The Weekly Preview 07-09-18

The Weekly Outlook! *Special Note: the Big Hike is this Sunday.

As we go into the second week of July, we will be moving into a quick and dirty 4 week strength cycle to get ready for the Sanitas In-House Competition on August 4th. Expect a lot of focus over this month on developing better mechanics in the Squat Clean. We will do this through complexes, positional practice, and emphasizing heavy front squats weekly. We will also be implementing a push press strength progression. We will be moving from 3×5 at 75% to 4×4 at 80%, and then to 5×3 at 85%, and finally hitting 4×1 at 90%, right before getting ready to max out on August 4th at the in house comp. Along with working on the Squat Clean and Push Jerk, we will be putting in some volume squats to round out this 4 week strength progression!


3 Pos Sntach + 3×10 Back Squats


Working on mixed modal aerobic development!! Stay consistent and breath!


Push Press 3×5 at 75%, then into Deadlifts and Handstand Push-Up in an ascending ladder.


Double Unders + Running + Ring Muscle-Ups


Clean and Front Squat Complex into a fun, short, and challenging metcon with Hang Squat Cleans, Burpees, and Wall Balls.


A team, waterfall style workout
Rowing + Alt DB Snatch +Burpee Box Jump Overs + Toes to Bar

Functional Sunday:

4 Rounds for Time
8 SA DB Bench/arm at 70#/53#
8 Strict Pull-Ups
8 Strict Dips
8 SA DB Bicep Curls/Arm at 35#/25#

*Let’s just say you will be leaving with an Arm Pump!

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