The Weekly Preview 062419

This week will be a fun mixture of some mono-structural sprints, weightlifting technique, and a classic CrossFit benchmark to finish things off.

And just as a heads up, here’s the plan for the July 4th weekend schedule.

Monday: Focus Workout

Starting off the week with a “Brick Workout”!! For those triathletes out there, you know what this means. Bike + run intervals for the win!

Today’s workout will focus on intervals that push your pain threshold and build your VO2 Max. Goal for this workout will be to go as fast as possible (AFAP) for about 90sec and then have 4:30 to rest. This is all about you learning how to push that heart rate up above 90% and getting it to come back down to earth by the time you hit the next interval.


We will be hitting up our favorite butt builder along with a Fran-style MetCon to end the day.


Today we get to focus on a little weightlifting technique, with a threshold burner of a workout to finish it off.


Running sprints and bar muscle-ups! Expect a good amount of time to work on the progressions and variations of the bar muscle-up today. If you’ve been close to getting one, come in today to get your first!


Deadlift 1.5 BW
Bench Press BW
Clean .75 BW


Partner Saturday with running, rope climbs, and kettlebell swings


“Jerry” re-test day! You’re welcome.

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