The Weekly Preview 06/04/18

The Weekly Outlook

This week we have some workouts that will force you to slow down, so that you can speed up later. Meaning if we reinforce proper positions and mechanics these will allow you to move faster in WODs as we progress to more challenging and dynamic moments. We are starting off the week with some snatch work and then moving through gymnastics strength progressions, working on isometrics and eccentrics to build strength and stability. Expect a fun, long chipper on Friday to finish off the week.


Working on Snatch Technique! When these come up they are a great day to help you work through some of the frustration you feel when receiving the Snatch.


Gymnastics Strength Work is the Focus today. Expect a good amount of push/pull with some iso holds and eccentrics.


Pause Back Squat progression continues, along with running and Overhead Walking Lunges!


Clean and Jerks and Bar Muscle-Ups! A Fun technical metcon that will undoubtedly challenge your grip.

Benchmark Friday:
“The Sanitas Interval Chipper #2”

For Time:
Interval Chipper 90sec on/45sec off
100/75 Cal Row
100 Wall Balls at 20/14
100/75 Cal Bike
100 KBS at 53/35


Team WOD Saturday
Working into 1:3 Work to rest intervals. So expect teams of 3 with only 1 person working at a time


Functional Body Building and Odd Object Carry’s

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