Mixed Modal Memorial Monday “Murph”

The man has come again to collect dues and he needs to be paid on Monday. No time cap. Finish what you start. Listen to this before:

Insanity Tuesday

Murph isn’t a walk in the park, that’s why you should come in and “Keep ya core tight, y’all because this s*** it about to be bananas, yo!”

Weightlifting Wednesday

You ready to do some hang power cleans? ‘Cause we got em! Things will kick off with some skill work at 60% and then we’ll finish with some lighter drop sets combined with hard bicycle efforts.

Aerobic Thursday

Do you like decreasing your level of fatigue in daily tasks like work and recreation? I sure do! That’s why we value the importance of aerobic conditioning workouts that last about 30 minutes at a heart rate at 70% of your max (Max HR = ~Your age – 220)

Intense Intervals Friday

Pre benching task
Step 1.) Find scissors
Step 2.) Find old t-shirt
Step 3.) Take said scissors and remove all unnecessary parts of t-shirt i.e. sleeves

After a little bench session, take that beautiful pump you got there and hammer out some 1:1 efforts of double unders, push-ups, and burpees.

Partner Saturday

Holy guacamole! Partner Saturday again? You guessed it! Find three people you can tolerate for one hour and pick your favorite of those three. Partners one and two will crush some pedals at an aerobically powerful pace (75%-80%) while partners three and four hold hands and walk a sandbag for an undisclosed distance for an undisclosed amount of time.

Butt Stuff Sunday

Final week of this back squat cycle. Volume should be decreasing at this point, but the intensity should be through the roof. Have your partner get in there with that spot. If you’re a good partner, you’ll whisper encouraging one-liners into their ear.

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