The Weekly Preview 051319

Going forward, the weekly preview will tell you the focus of the workout and its intended stimulus instead of simply what we’re doing each day. The preview will also include a deeper look into one day a week to allow a better understanding of why we do what we do.


Today will include back squat strength work along with mixed modal conditioning focused on the lower body.


Weightlifting focus on the snatch.

Wednesday: Weekly Spotlight Workout

Threshold intensity work with rowing and gymnastics conditioning.

The idea behind today’s workout is to push the body’s ability to buffer lactate in the blood. This type of exercise is extremely effective for teaching your body how to work at a high heart rate for long periods of time. For elite level athletes, this corresponds to about 85-90% of max heart rate, for recreational athletes this is closer to 75-80% of max heart rate.

By training at this intensity level, we are able to train individuals to push their lactate threshold closer to that 85-90% of max heart rate. For example, elite-level marathoners can hold this intensity for the duration of their marathon, and most recreational athletes can do so up to about a 10k.


An aerobic workout working on sustainable effort; running, carries, and pull-ups.


High intensity intervals with work to rest ratio of 1:2. Expect to go hard on the Airdyne today.


Teams of 4 today with a good amount of conditioning and core work!


You are either carrying something or pushing something for 20 minutes today!

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