The Weekly Preview 05-14-18

Weekly Outlook

This week our CrossFit Sanitas Team is going to Regionals! Be on the lookout for the days and times they are working out so you can follow the live streams. Workouts for team are posted here 

For all those athletes in the gym this week we are going to be testing some maxes in order to get some baseline numbers before we transition back to a new cycle starting next week. Focus of new cycle will be on Squat depth over weight. REALLY! Depth over Weight!!! Along with that we will be implementing a ton of single leg work to correct come natural imbalances that happen along the way in our CrossFit Journey.



1RM Snatch
1RM Back Squat


A challenging metcon with Rowing and S2OH, with a burnout in the Handstand at the end of class!!


A CrossFit.Com workout from last Saturday with Medball Cleans and a fair amount of Running…


A Chris Hinshaw Special from my time at Power Monkey Camp! Expect to be really focused on pacing and the style of stimulus we are looking for. Listen to your coaches today.


We will be testing an Icon Athlete Benchmark and testing our 1RM Deadlift today.


A fun partner style workout with a lot of rowing and a focus on consistent pacing with your partner.


Classic Body-Building today. “No Fluff!”

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