The Weekly Preview 021218-021818

Weekly Outlook

The Open is fast approaching and anyone that is planning on doing the open at CrossFit Sanitas needs to sign up by Friday February 16th to allow us to have our team draft on Monday in order to set up our Friday Night Lights Schedule. Remember we will be holding “Friday Night Lights” every Friday for 5 Weeks from Feb 23 through March 23. Those that want to sign-up but don’t see a way of making the 3pm-7pm Time Slot will need to find a friend and have them judge you in the morning hours to allow us to keep classes running smoothly and effectively in the morning hours.

If you are wondering about signing up for the open read Antonio’s post,

This week we will be putting the finishing touches on our strength progressions to get you all ready to PR those lifts the following week on the “New Total” for the Overhead Squat, Push Press, and Clean.


Today we will be having a descending rep and ascending weight ladder of Overhead Squats with some Burpees and Rowing!


We will be testing out an open style tester workout with Deadlifts, Wall Balls, and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups today. We will also finish off the day with some heavier deadlifts to reinforce positions and develop that posterior chain!


Push Press strength progression with some single arm DB Presses and Toes to Bar in our conditioning portion.


We will be doing a CrossFit.Com workout from Feb 1 of this year. BW Back Squats and Burpees in a 20min AMRAP to yield some big strength gains in those legs.


Everyone’s Favorite “The Walking Dead” in a repeat workout and Clean Challenge Re-Test! *So Clean Challengers make sure to come in today to get that re-test in!


A Fun partner WOD with Rowing, Double Unders, and Wall Balls! This will be a good primer for those Re-Testing “The Ghost” on the following Monday.


Classic Bodybuilding strength sets for the Arms with a couple supersets to leave you feeling “Pumped!”

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