The Weekly Preview 021020

We have two more weeks left in this progression and then we are moving onto the Clean Challenge, starting Feb 24th! Read more about it and sign up here.

Now for a look at the week ahead!


Back Squat at 30X1 Tempo
Every 3min for 12min
3 Reps *Building

Barbell Conditioning
Death by Clean and Jerks
at 135#/95#


Gymnastics Skill Work
Freestanding HS Hold Practice x 10min
—Wall Drills
—Banded Freestanding HS

Gymnastics Conditioning
10min AMRAP
15sec Hollow Hold
15 Toes to Bar
50ft Handstand Walk

L-Sits Finisher?

***Mostly Skill Work today and gymnastics strength work


Open Style WOD
For Time:
10 Rounds for Time
3 Bar Muscle-Ups
9 Front Squats at 95#/65#
35 Double Unders


Power Snatch *Heavy

Mixed Modal Couplet
7min AMRAP
3 Power Snatch at 135#/95#
15 Box Jumps


Muscular Endurance
30min AMRAP
500m/400m Row
3 Rounds of Strict Cindy

*1 Round of Strict Cindy= 5 Strict Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 15 Air Squats


3 Person Teams
20min AMRAP
Partner 1: Runs 400m = 20 Reps
Partners 2 and 3: AMRAP of 15 Push Press at 135# + 15 Strict Toes to Bar


3 Rounds for Time
15/12 Cal Ski Erg
40sec Straight Arm Plank Hold
8 Alt D-Ball Over Shoulder at 100#/80#
30sec Wall Sit
10 Double KB Front Rack Step-Ups to 20”/16” (44#/26#)
R: 90sec after each round

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