The Weekly Preview 020518-021118 (Tuff Love Saturday Feb 10!!)

The Weekly Outlook

This week we are continuing our focus on improving our Overhead Squat, Push Press, and Squat Clean performance while continuing to focus both on improving our gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. Monday will start us off with some Squat Clean focus work, Tuesday will be about improving our gymnastics, Wednesday is a fun little chipper, Thursday will allow us to focus on our overhead stability, and Friday will end the work week with “17.5”!


Squat Clean Technique and Strength Work with a Fun EMOM style Metcon!


Lunges, Handstand Walks, Burpees and Muscle-Ups! Lots of fun technique work being put in today.


A fun leg dominant chipper today…


Overhead Squats today with a fun burner of a Metcon!


“17.5”, along with some weighted gymnastics work

Saturday: Gym Closed Tuff Love Event all day!! Come and Cheer

5k Run


Body Building Sunday, the best type of a Sunday.

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