The Weekly Preview 021819: Clean Challenge Re-Test

The Weekly Outlook

Clean Challenge Re-Test week is here! If you’re in the Clean Challenge, remember that Friday’s test has been moved to Thursday. This is due to the fact that the CrossFit Open starts this week and we will be doing the Open WODs in class on Friday’s for the next 5 weeks. What is the CrossFit Open, you ask? Let Antonio fill you in…

Also wanted to throw a big shout out to all those who competed at this years Tuff Love competition and to all the staff and volunteers that made the event run so smoothly! We have an amazing community and it was great to see such a great turnout for the event!


Clean Challenge Re-Test #1
“Hungry Bear”
Bear Complex
E3MOM x 18min (6 Sets)
5 Rounds of
(Power Clean + Front Squat + S2OH + Back Squat + S2OH)

*For Max Load across. Total weight scored


Every 90sec for 9min (6 Sets)
4 Reps at 75%-80%

Death by KBS and Burpees
KBS at 53#/35#


Clean Challenge Re-Test #2
4 Rounds for Time
20/15 Cal Bike
25/20 Cal Row
100 Single Unders
50 Air Squats

*Scored as Time


Take 15min to Find a new 1RM Front Squat

Clean Challenge Re-Test #3
“Beep Test”
EMOM until failure
V1: 5 Thrusters + 5 Pull-Ups + 5 Burpees
V2: 6 Thrusters + 6 Pull-Ups + 6 Burpees
Rx: 7 Thrusters + 7 Pull-Ups + 7 Burpees

*Scored as Rounds + Reps


“Open 19.1”
To be announced on Thursday night at 6pm


20min AMRAP
15 Cal Bike
30 Double Unders
12 Push-Ups
30 Double Unders
9 Ring Rows *feet elevated to make body parallel to floor
30 Double Unders
3 Wall Walks


E2MOM x 12min
Pause Power Snatch *at Low Hang

12min AMRAP
8 DB Power Cleans at 50#/35#
50ft DB Front Rack Walking Lunges at 50#/35#
12 Toes to Bar

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