The Weekly Preview 02/03/20

And with that we are now into the month of February. We closed up the Sanitas AD Bike Challenge on Friday with Michael McGowan winning the challenge by completing the most workouts and hitting the last day of the challenge with a massive 275 Calories for the 10min Max Cal AD Bike Test. If anyone wants to work on increasing there aerobic capacity on CrossFit metcons the 10min Bike test is one to build up as it falls right in line with the time domain of our most common workouts.

Next up is the Sanitas Core Challenge. We will be having a core workout added each day to the programming to work on strength and stability through the trunk of our body. A strong core equals a safe back!

Now for what coming down the pike in the next week!

Monday: Aerobic Threshold Work

40min AMRAP at 70-75%
1000/800m Row
20 Medball Cleans at 20#/14#
50 Double Unders
25/20 Cal Bike
15 Slam Balls at 30#/20#

Tuesday: Upper Body and Core Work

Mixed Modal Couplet
7 Rounds for Time
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull at 95#/65#
10 Ring Dips

Accessory Core and Shoulder Work
10 Shoot Throughs
10 V-Ups
10 Weighted Maltese Raises
x3 sets

Wednesday: Squat Emphasis Day

In 10min
Find a Squat Clean + Front Squat

Every 5min for 20min
15/12 Cal Bike
6 Front Squats at 185#/125#
6/4 Bar Muscle-Ups

Rx+: 205#/145#, 8/6 BMU

Thursday: Upper Body Pressing Strength

For Time:
15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
500m/420m Row
15 Push Jerks at 135#/95#
500m/420m Row
15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
500m/420m Row
15 Push Jerks at 135#/95#
500m/420m Row

Friday: Posterior Chain Strength

Deadlift Progression at 30×1 Tempo

Accessory: x 3 Sets
8-10 Hamstring Slider Curls + Eccentric
:10sec Hollow Hold + 10 Hollow Rocks + 10 V-Ups
:20sec Arch Hold + 10 Arch Rocks + 10 Supermans

Saturday: Partner WOD (equal Work:Rest)

Partner WOD
For Time:
Row for Cals
Wall Balls at 20#/14#

*Split Work Load anyway you like

Sunday: Bodybuilding Day (Upper Body Pulling)

Pull-Up Strength Builder
EMOM x 10min
1 Weighted Eccentric Pull-Ups as Jump up hold for 3sec + Lower for 5sec

Strength Conditioning
4 Rounds
50ft Rope Sled Pull on Rubber at 3/2 Plates added
10 Bent Rows at 95#/65#
10 DB Hammer Curls at 30#/20#

R: 60sec after each round


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