Want to Improve Your Pull-Ups? Here’s How.

get your first pull-up

In the goal-setting seminar, I heard a lot of you talk about pull-ups as one of your goals for 2020. Want to get your that first pull-up or just improve? Here’s how!

The Pull-Up:

The pull-up is the ultimate upper body movement that develops a strong and defined back and arms. This is a staple movement that everyone should strive to achieve. Whether you’re looking to get your first pull up or 10, follow this simple program. 

I’ve prepared three workouts that are designed to be completed each week. They consist of upper body push and pull combinations that will get you stronger and help you achieve your goal of doing a pull-up.

Note: If you’re currently doing push-ups on your knees or have difficulty doing 5 – 10 good push-ups, start on Group A*.  If you’re able to do 5-10 good push-ups, start on group B. 

*If you are starting in Group A retest your push-ups after three weeks.


Group A: Push-ups on knees*

*Complete this weekly until you can do 5-10 quality push-ups, then move on to Group B

Workout 1: 10-8-6-4-2

  • Elevated push-ups
  • Ring rows

Workout 2: In 5 minutes, accumulate 2 minutes ring-to-chest hold

Workout 3: Ring row negatives (5 x 5 sec negative

  • 10  Lateral raises


Group B: 5-10 push-ups

3 days-a-week pull-up progression (M-W-F)


Workout Set #1*

*Do this progression for 3 weeks, then move on to Workout Set #2

Workout 1: In 5 minutes, accumulate as much time with chin over the bar as possible

Workout 2: 3 x 8 each of (add weight each set):

  • Chainsaw row
  • 2x 10 DB pullover

Workout 3: 3×5 pull-up negatives (take 5 sec to lower yourself to arms straight)


Workout Set #2

Workout 1: 5 rounds

  • 1 pull up
  • 5 push-ups
  • Rest:60 between rounds

Workout 2: 3 x 10 incline external rotation

  • 3×8 DB flys 
  • 3×8-10 bent over supine rows with dumbbells
  • Note: If you can do 10, add weight

Workout 3: 1 pull-up every 30 seconds x 10*

*if you fail a pull up the workout is over


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