The Wall Walk Challenge: Entire Month of July

How are those hips and ankles feeling after last month’s Bottom-of-the-Squat Challenge?! Ideally, you all gained a little more flexibility and mobility in your lower body — so for, July, we’re working on strength and stability in your upper body with a Wall Walk Challenge!

But before we get into that, the winners of the June Challenge!

  1. Erica Van Steenis (9160 seconds)
  2. Rory Korpela (8316 seconds)
  3. Trish Gerlitz (6406 seconds)
  4. Danielle Duncan (3607 seconds)
  5. Trina Ruhland (2340 seconds)

Erica earned herself a free 60-minute massage after spending over 2.5 hours in a squat during the month of June!

How it Works:

During the month of July we will be doing 1 wall walk on July 1st, 2 wall walks on July 2nd, 3 wall walks on July 3rd, and so on for the entire month of July.

What Happens if I miss a Day?

If you miss a day you can make up the previous day’s wall walks. So if you miss day 5, then on day 6 you can complete 11 wall walks to stay in the challenge! Now, if you miss day 29 then you have to do 59 wall walks on day 30!

What is the Goal of this Challenge?

The goal of the Wall Walk Challenge is to get more comfortable on our hands and work on shoulder and core stability during the month of July. We will be incorporating handstand walks into the WODs and the more time you spend on your hands the more comfortable you will be there. You can do this at home, so the goal is to see how many people can make it all 31 days of July!

How do I log my score?

Log your score in the section labeled Monthly Challenge. There will be a workout labeled Wall Walk Challenge 07.01.19 and so on so you can log your reps. Make sure to click the Rx button so that you get credit for your scored reps for the challenge on each day.

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