Wagons West


2013 is proving to be a year full of big opportunities!

Hi, I’m Caleb, CrossFit Sanitas’ Head Coach.  CrossFit has played a pivotal role in my life since leaving the Navy.  I have made so many amazing friends along the way. CrossFit is not just a way to get in shape,  it is my lifestyle, my “why” and my escape from everything.

I found CrossFit in 2009 after breaking my wrist while playing rugby. I needed something that could get me conditioned enough to get back on the field.  A friend mentioned CrossFit and I looked into it. The nearest gym was 40 minutes away and little did I know at the time, but it was in a woman’s garage.

I’ve spent the past 3 years coaching hundreds of other CrossFitters, most recently at Reebok CrossFit ONE. RCF1 is unique because it is only open to Reebok employees. The facility is in Canton Massachusetts and is roughly 12,000 square feet. Hardly your average CrossFit gym.

I know how powerful this community is and I know what it can do. I have seen how it has effected and changed hundreds of lives at Reebok. I believe that the Crossfit community can and will do great things in the Boulder community as well.

I believe that we as a community of CrossFitters and as people need to give back to each other every chance we get. Fit people are not only physically in shape but are also emotionally and mentally fit. I cannot wait to see this overall wellness thrive at CrossFit Sanitas!

I move out to Boulder on the 21st of December, and am honored and excited to be the head coach at CrossFit Sanitas. The sky is the limit!