The Weekly Preview

We are entering the second week of our cycle and moving into some fun new movements along with ramping up some of the progressions we started last week. Remember, we are on an 8 day cycle, so what you saw Monday, you will see on Tuesday and what you saw on Tuesday you will see on Wednesday. These workouts will have a similar vibe to them with a twist or progression to keep us improving and get better week to week on the focus points of our programming for this training block.

Monday: Intervals and Stability!

4min AMRAP
5 Jump Squats + Lateral High Knees x 25ft/direction ( Alternating Rounds with Partner)

2min Rest

4min AMRAP
D-Ball Carry x 100ft Alternating Rounds with Partner

2min Rest

4min AMRAP
10 Jumping Lunges + Lateral Shufftle x 25t/direction (Alternating Rounds with Partner)

2min Rest

Double KB Overhead Carry x 100ft Alternating rounds with partner

Tuesday: Weightlifting and Strength Work

*Today we are learning a new skill…. The Barbell Split Snatch!

Weightlifting Focus
EMOM x 12min *increasing load as appropriate
1 Split Snatch (Right Foot Forward)
1 Split Snatch (Left Foot Forward

E2:30MOM x 10min
6 Back Squats at 70%
8 Hip Thrusts *trying to increase from last week

Wednesday: Midline Madness

Interval Conditioning
4min AMRAP
20/15 Cal Bike
15 GHD Sit-Ups
10 Alternating Dumbbell Step-Ups at 35#/25# (per hand)
Max Effort Toes to Rings

R: 90sec
x4 Sets

Core Work
1min Hollow Rock
30sec Rest
45sec Hollow Rock
30sec Rest
30sec Hollow Rock
30sec Rest
15sec Hollow Rock

R: 2min then repeat

Thanksgiving Thursday: Classes at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30am

“Hollyman” *In Teams of 2 until completion
30 Rounds For Time
5 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
3 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
1 Power Clean at 80-85% of 1RM

Friday: Aerobic Builder

EMOM x 30 minutes *Intensity at 70-75% RPE
1: Bike
2: KB Farmer Carry 70/53
3: Jumping Lunges
4: Hollow Hold
5: Burpee Paralette Overs
6: HS Hold

Saturday: Strength and Team WOD

Deadlift From Blocks
E3MOM x 12min (4 Reps *at increased load from last week)
Barbell is set up just above knee – adjust blocks appropriately (same height as last week)

Partner AMRAP
10min AMRAP
10 DB Renegade Rows at 35#/25#
*While Partner Holds Plank
8 DB Power Cleans (each partner) at 35#/25#
*while partner holds DB OH at 35#/25#

Sunday: Capacity Work

16min AMRAP
3 Burpee Pull-Ups
6 Box Jumps at 24”/20”
8 Medball Clean at 20#/14#
12 Double Unders

Secret Core Finisher!

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