The Weekly Preview 061019

Summer looks like it is finally here and we will be taking some WODs outside this week for fun in the sun!


We are going to focus on moving our bodyweight around. In this strictly gymnastics workout we will be spending some time on our hands and our feet.

Tuesday: Focus workout of the week

Today we’ll take on a benchmark and add a twist; “Interval Nancy”. Instead of 5 rounds for time of 400m Run and 15 OHS, we will do it once every 5:00 for 25:00. By doing so, we can push our run efforts and shoot for unbroken squats. Aiming to get the work done in 2:30 or less. Thinking sprint to earn your rest, building our capacity for high skill under fatigue.


Let’s take a look back to open work out 14.4 and tackle this fun chipper-style AMRAP.


Today is focusing on picking heavy things up and putting them down. Building deadlift triples followed by some more deadlifts and inverted rows.


All the biking and running intervals. Sprint the bike, 75-80% effort on the run.


Grab a partner for Saturdays high rep/low skill partner chipper.


Sleds, shuttles, TGU, and Farmer’s Carry… grunt work Sunday, enjoy!

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