The Weekly Preview 060319


Let’s get right into summer with our good friend Jerry — some running, a bit of rowing, and more running.

Tuesday: Focus Workout of the Week!

We will work on some gymnastics skills in a longer AMRAP by hanging with another good buddy today: “Nate”

Today we are going all-in for a 20min AMRAP of some classic CrossFit. Today’s focus will be on the gymnastic components. We will be going over the muscle-up in greater depth and spending some time working through progressions. As with all skills, we focus on strength and mechanics first, then develop the bodies ability to move through a dynamic range of motion. The muscle-up is a prime example of this. We need to develop the ability to do solid strict pull-ups (5+ reps), perform stability holds on the rings at extension and support (10+ seconds), and perform solid dips (5+ reps).


Today we are going to work with some fun front squat waves followed by a quick burner with ya girl, “Jackie.”


Time for strict gymnastics and sprint intervals! SPEED is king!


We are gonna stick to the barbell today and try out another benchmark workout — this one is for you, Mario!

Partner Saturday

Grab a buddy and come to Sanitas to get sweaty with this long partner workout throwing around some kettlebell taters and jumping on boxes.


We’ll take a break from bench for a fun EMOM. Think carries, sleds, and butt stuff!

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