Guidelines: Eating for Recovery

3-2-1 TIME! You’re done working, but is your workout totally over when the buzzer sounds? That post-exercise high is awesome, but after a workout your tissues are inflamed, energy stores depleted, and your muscle fibers need repair. Until your body’s recovered, your workout isn’t done! One of the most critical factors for recovery – aside […]

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Grilled Lettuce and Prosciutto: Salad With a Twist Paleo Recipe

Grilled lettuce and prosciutto paleo recipe

Member Christine Neff brings us another great recipe! This one is a great twist on salad. It works for every occasion whether you are using forks or fingers at a picnic or a dinner party. Simple, classy and delicious! For this you’ll need: 1/2 head of romaine lettuce per person. Enough prosciutto or thinly sliced bacon […]

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