Strength WOD's Starting Monday, March 4th @ 11:30am

March is a great month to get STRONG…get started this Monday @ 11:30am. We are going to start off with a “Wendler 5-3-1” program that offers a proven formula for strength gains in the Squat, Press and Deadlift. If you stick with the program for a year, by adding 10 pounds to your Squat each mesocycle (4 weeks) you can add 100 pounds to your 1 rep max!

This article gives an excellent overview of the program.

It is important to track your weights and percentages for a strength program. If you have an iphone or smartphone, consider downloading the Big Lifts App. It makes tracking an recording very simple and you will know exactly what to put on the bar each time.

I love Olympic Weightlifting and we will definitely be incorporating the Snatch and Clean & Jerk into each session. We are going to keep with the ‘Virtuosity’ principle and work to perfect these movements. We’ll get strong and have a lot of fun doing it, see you Monday!

Coach Dan