Strength Program

crossfit-day-1-0017Strength classes focus variably on power lifts, Olympic lifts and other protocols to increase your strength, while perfecting your technique under load. This program is included with your CrossFit Sanitas membership.

You won’t be gasping for air at the end of these classes. Utilizing percentage-based lifting cycles designed for maximum gain with minimal volume, you’ll gain phenomenal strength that will translate over to your workouts as well as daily life.

Here’s a taste of what strength class involves: deadlifts, back squats, front squats, clean & jerk, snatch, thruster, strict press, gymnastics principles, rope climbs, stone carries, sledge hammers, tire flips, kettlebells, yokes/prowlers, and so much more!

Strength classes at CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder are held at the following times. We also have personal training available for this program if you have specific goals or events you’re training for.

Monday 6:15am, 11:15am, 6:30pm
Wednesday 6:15am & 11:15am
Thursday 6:30pm
Friday 6:15am & 11:15am

If you would like to try a Strength class or have more questions, please click here to contact us!