Strength Class 8 Week Strength Cycle

Over the next 8 weeks we will be progressing from higher volume and sub moderate loads to lower volume, higher intensity, and heavier weights! During this cycle you will come to see lots of accessory work targeted at fixing inefficiencies and improving muscular asymmetry. The goal is injury prevention and to prepare for higher volume during our next olympic specific phase through a focus on structural integrity of the joints and an increase in the hypertrophy of the muscle. If you’re consistent over the 8 weeks, you should expect to see a bump in your olympic lifts and power lifts.

The Weekly Structure

  • Monday: Leg strength focus and core development.
  • Wednesday: Posterior chain development + gymnastic upper body hypertrophy work.
  • Thursday (Night Only): Upper-body and deadlifts. This is a mixture of Wednesday and Friday.
  • Friday: Upper-body pressing focus and hypertrophy work.
  • Skill/Carry Saturday: Saturday will be written up in the programming on Wodify and in our Strength Class Community page on Facebook. This will be a heavy dose of Olympic lifting technique. The focus here is on speed and form at lighter loads. In conjunction with our skill work, there will be carries and stability work to further reinforce stability through the trunk.

The Monthly Outline

The structure from week to week will be based off the Wendler 5-3-1 Cycle. We will be starting off week 1 with sets of 5 reps. The last set of the day is always a max rep set to allow for bigger strength gains if you are feeling it that day. Week 2 will be sets of 3 reps at increased percentages from week 1. And then week 3 will be 5-3-1+ at percentages getting close to your most recent maxes. Week 4 will be a deload week, and then we will get back into week 1 at higher weights then we started in the first block! We will do this for 2 blocks and then test our max lifts again Week 9.

After week 9, be on the lookout for the next phase of programming that will delve deeper into Olympic specific programming with an emphasis on developing speed.

Check the Strength schedule here! 

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