Staying Present: Setting Intentions for Daily Success

We all struggle with the ability to live in the moment — surrounded with countless distractions by our phones, tablets, computers, television, radio, or you name it and most of us have it. These external devices draw us out of what is going on in our environment and distract us from engaging in what is happening around us.

So how do we go about staying present? First we need to have a level of mindfulness, being aware of what pulls us out of this moment. Being mindful and recognizing triggers that distract us is the first step to being able to remove them. Next, we need to understand how to minimize and control these distractions. It is the perfect time to practice setting an intention around these diversions..

There is no magic answer for the perfect intention or the magic remedy to rid us of the daily technological disturbances. We must experiment and find what works best for each of us!


Our phone: Waking up in the morning and immediately looking at our e-mail, instagram, etc.


Set a time in the morning when you will begin to check e-mail or browse social media. Before that time, practice self control and allow yourself the opportunity to sit with your own thoughts. It could be the perfect time to practice timed or measured breathing and set you at a better temperament for the day.


TV: When we get home from work at night it is so easy to plop on the couch and turn the TV on.


Willpower is definitely lower in the evenings but that doesn’t mean we can’t set an intention for ourselves to find ways to relax beyond just the television. Read your favorite fiction novel, take a bath, or prepare your food for the next day!

These are only examples to get your wheels turning! Take the time to explore other avenues and if you find something that works for you, share it with others! It just may be the idea they need to improve their quality of life, as well.

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