Join Us: Simple Nutrition Seminar on Feb. 23

Simple Nutrition Seminar

Food is fuel, maintaining life, producing energy and ultimately allowing us to do the things we love (CrossFit, obviously), but if you want to change things up, it can be tough to know where to start. If you feel like you need a boost to optimize performance, lose excess body fat and have sustained energy and focus, our Simple Nutrition Seminar is the perfect opportunity to help you get on the right path and give you the tools to really start tackling your goals!

Join Coaches Michael and Laura for this prelude to our Spring Clean Challenge: a seminar that will help you determine your optimal daily macros, as well as create a 3-day meal plan and eating schedule you can take home and implement right away or in the Clean Challenge.


Seminar Details

Date & Time: Sunday, Feb. 23 at 11:30a

Cost: $45 (Register here)

Led by: Coaches Michael & Laura

Takeaways: During this seminar, you will:

  • Learn about food, macro and micronutrients, how much you need and how to build a balanced meal.
  • Learn about hormones: Why they’re important for energy, focus, and optimizing performance, how what we eat affects our hormones, and the benefits of eating a balanced meal on a schedule.
  • Hone in on your individual goals and determine your optimal daily macros.
  • Build a custom, sustainable plan you can use. We will help you create a 3-day meal plan and eating schedule that will allow you to achieve your goals.


Who is this for?

Everyone! There is no difference between men and women, young or old. Whether you want more energy and focus, want to look better naked, or want a sub three minute Fran, it starts with what we put into our bodies. 


What’s required?

There will be a 100 burpee buy in to participate in this workshop. Just kidding! All you’ll need is a recent InBody test (included in the Clean Challenge at no cost), which you can set up with the front desk, and a willingness to try. Shake things up a bit and try something new!


About Us

Coach Laura

Laura holds a Level 1 Nutrition Certification with Precision Nutrition, and has spent the 4 years working with clients to improve their nutrition through evidence-based practices.

She is a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, which focuses heavily on nutrition and lifestyle.



Michael Butts
Coach Michael

Michael has spent his whole lifetime in organized sports, focusing on how to optimize his own performance. He is NASM Certified, and is a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer.


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