Snatch and Clean & Jerk Clinics with Coaches Laura and Elissa

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Do you want to raise your fitness to OLYMPIC status? Still working on the Snatch? Does your Clean & Jerk not feel quite right? Or maybe you just want some new tips and coaching points? Either way, come to one or both of the upcoming Olympic Lifting Clinics, hosted by Coaches Laura and Elissa — two women with nearly 200# Clean & Jerks and well-over bodyweight Snatches.

  • Snatch Clinic: Sunday, February 24 @ 1pm – 75 minutes
  • Clean & Jerk Clinic: Sunday, March 10 @ 1pm – 90 minutes

What you can expect

Bagels and coffee will be served for all attendees!

The flow of the clinic will go from general warm up, to empty bar position and technique refinement. We’ll begin to add weight to assess technique under load and then use time to build to a “heavy” single. After establishing what heavy feels like, we’ll revert back to barbell cycling skills to establish a working weight for the weightlifting-style workout of the day — Isabel for Snatches and Grace for Clean & Jerks.

Why do we practice weightlifting?

Why is Olympic lifting important? The Snatch and Clean & Jerk require strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and power. In doing these movements, we are training in a very ‘athletic’ style and these attributes will directly transfer to the pursuits that we take on outside the gym. Furthermore, the Olympic lifts can also help movements that may not seem obvious. If you watch someone doing Kipping Pull-ups or Muscle-Ups, you will notice a powerful hip extension as they elevate themselves over the bar. This is is same type of hip extension we train in Olympic Weightlifting. If you can get your hips to fire faster and more efficiently you will see a HUGE improvement in your overall fitness.

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