September Member of the Month: Jilmarie Stephens

Jilmarie has been with the CrossFit Sanitas family for a year now. Her year anniversary is coming up September 5th and we feel very lucky to have her here as an athlete. Over the past year she has developed into one of the most consistent members at the gym. We have come to expect to see her almost daily, always with a smile on her face, and always ready to work hard and smart.

To get to know a little more about Jil, we asked her a few questions for the Member of the Month. Based off these answers we have come up with a fun and challenging workout to celebrate her time and commitment in the gym.

Member of the Month Spotlight

1) How did you get started with CrossFit? What was the primary driving factor?

I had been wanting to do CrossFit for years because I had heard it’s a great workout but it was insanely expensive in Vancouver, so was out of reach for me. Within 3 weeks of moving to Boulder I dropped into Sanitas for a free class, got my butt kicked, signed up for basecamp and never looked back.

I have always been an active person and pretty fit, with running and climbing being my main forms of fitness for many years. But during the year before I moved here (Boulder), I had slacked off on the frequency of those activities and slowly gained weight. After getting settled from the move, my number one priority was my fitness. Going to Sanitas has made me stronger and more fit than I have ever been.

2) What are your goals for the upcoming 2019/2020 CrossFit year?

 I would love to get my first bar muscle-up and handstand push-up! I also want to get better at double-unders so that I can consistently string at least 10 at a time (right now they are quite spotty).

3) What has been your biggest challenge you have had to overcome since starting CrossFit?

When I started, my mobility was trash, so getting into the bottom of a squat and holding it was really difficult for me. Thanks to Jake and mobility class my mobility has improved a lot, but there is still room to improve.

4) What is your favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

I really enjoy heavy lifting because I never did it before CrossFit and I think it is so fun to see yourself getting stronger as you become able to lift heavier and heavier or do more reps. My favorite movements are back and front squats and split jerks.

5) What is your least Favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Anything on the air bike and heavy sled-push sprints.

6) What advice can you give to those just starting out in CrossFit?

After only one year I feel like I am still learning so much every day that there are plenty of wiser people in the gym to ask…but if I must advise I’d say take it slow with the weights. Better to do the movements well and know you can go heavier than go too heavy and get hurt. Also, consistency is key. Never skip a workout because you don’t like it. Go the same days every week (schedule permitting), no matter the workout (whether you love it, hate it, or will fall apart doing it), just so you don’t avoid working on your weaknesses. It’s the only way to get better at them.

7) Lastly… what is your most memorable moment in Crossfit?

Since gymnastics class started I have been a regular because I really want to improve on the gymnastics movements and I really need the help to get there. In a WOD where we had to handstand walk, Courtney had me do a new banded scale option on the rig and after a few rounds of practice on that, she told me I should try handstand walking out on the main floor. After some attempts I was able to get a few steps! I was so thrilled with being able to hold my handstand enough to be able to move my hands even a few times to progress forward. I shared this tiny accomplishment with many friends and family! That’s how proud I was!

Member of the Month WOD Questions

  • Whats your birthday? October 11, 1989
  • Whats your lucky number? 7
  • Do you like endurance style WODs or strength style WODs?  My background is more endurance, so I really enjoy the strength style since it’s so new to me.
  • AMRAPs or For Time? For Time

Member of the Month Workout *to be performed on September 4th

For Time:
5 Rounds
19 Cal Bike
7 Front Squats at 60% 1RM *From the Floor
10 Lateral Burpees over Bar
11 Strict Pull-Ups
Directly Into…
89 Sec Dead-Hang Cash-Out

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