Sanitas Monthly Challenge: Core Challenge Results and May Crossover Symmetry Challenge

Crossover Symmetry bands for shoulder health

The April Challenge Results Are In!

We had great participation during April’s Core Challenge and the results were very close!

The winners:

  • 1st Place: Lisa Stock with 2180 Reps Completed
  • 2nd Place: Erica Van Steenis with 1813 Reps Completed
  • 3rd Place: Kathleen Dehaven with 1696 Reps Completed
  • 4th Place: Tania Martin with 1481 Reps Completed
  • 5th Place: Westford Lang with 1474 Reps Completed

Month of May: Crossover Symmetry Challenge

This month’s challenge is a little different than previous months, because it’s more about prehab and rehab. Crossover Symmetry is a great tool to help stabilize your shoulders, prevent rotator cuff injuries, and help rehabilitate existing injuries. It’s meant as a tool to be used daily to help activate correct muscle firing patterns, as well as strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the rotator cuff.

What’s the Goal?

The goal of this challenge is to bulletproof your shoulders and help you feel stronger for all of the upper body movements we do! Doing this daily will change the structure of your shoulders, help fix impingement issues, and work as preventive maintenance against rotator cuff injuries.

How to Participate

Every day during the month of May, you’ll get 1 point if you go through the Crossover Symmetry activation series before the workout starts, and 1 for completing the iron-scap routine after the workout, meaning that there are 2 max points per day. The real challenge isn’t about its difficulty, but making sure you complete the routine as many days of the month as possible.

Since the goal is to do as many days as possible of Crossover Symmetry, it doesn’t matter when you start. But the sooner the better!

Track Your Score

Each day in Wodify, you’ll see a section to post your scores labeled “Crossover Symmetry Challenge May _” You’ll enter 1 or 2 rounds as your score. Enter 1 if you completed either the activation series or the iron-scap routine, 2 if you completed both.

*Note* For your score to show up on the leaderboard, you need to select the RX button, even if you didn’t do it RX.

How Do You Win?

The athlete with the most points logged in Wodify between May 1 – 31 will be the winner. For this challenge, the winner gets a free 60-minute massage!

For extra bragging rights, tag us on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #SanitasCrossoverChallenge and we’ll repost your fitness.

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