“Sanitas Members all Look Happy & Healthy” – Sanitas Survey Results

Huge thanks to the 100+ members who took the time to complete our satisfaction survey! We love you guys!!!

Some of our favorite quotes…

“It’s great to go somewhere that people know you and are friendly”

“The support of the community is stronger and deeper than ra-ra”

“I’m never embarrassed to finish last or grab the pink kettlebell”

“I like that it is big and nice and doesn’t have that dirtbag feel”

“The coaches push me out of my comfort zone and get me to dig deep”

Here’s what you told us you like best about Sanitas:

We also greatly appreciated your constructive feedback, and we’ve been hard at work addressing many of your suggestions. Here are just a few action items we’ve already started to implement:

  • Moved PM classes up by 30 minutes to reduce peak class loads
  • Added a second coach to all peak classes (and a third in some cases)
  • Added evening mobility classes at 5:00p M/W
  • Added a 10:30a Saturday WOD (Competitor/Level 3 WOD moves to 11:30a)
  • Finishing classes 10 minutes early to save time for coach-led mobility
  • Bringing back monthly gym-wide goals – stay tuned for calendar
  • Ordered new jump ropes and boxes
  • Specialty evening/weekend clinics will now be held 2x/month
  • Difficulty hearing the coaches – we’ll turn off the music during chalk talks
  • Music – less repetitive, put up a request whiteboard, or check out our Spotify community playlists below to add songs

For everyone

For our early risers
Later morningers
For the middle of the day
And our night crew

  • Starting 8 clubs so that members can share passions for things like cycling, eating out, hiking, movies, or just obsessing more about Crossfit!

CLUBS — Join these on Facebook and meetup
Ski/Snowboard Outings
Movie Theaters
Rock Climbing
Trail Running
Recipe Swap

  • Scaling options posted on the blog
  • Adding sport-specific 8-session series to get ready for cycling/mtn biking, skiing, etc.

We had some requests for things we already offer…check out our schedule below:

  • Morning Strength class – MWF @ 7:30a
  • Weekend Endurance class – Sat @ 8a
  • Weekend Teens class – Sat @ 1

See our schedule here with all of the specialty classes listed.

Thank you again for your feedback!