Rolfing Myth Series: Myth #1 “Rolfing is Painful”

One of the most common concerns I hear from potential clients is that they are afraid Rolfing is going to be painful & too intense for them. Historically, Rolfing was fairly uncomfortable & at times, even painful. However, like any profession, as we learn more over time, we adapt and refine our approach.

The largest refinement has come from a deeper understanding of the nervous system. When I am working with a client, it is never my intention to activate the nervous system into a holding response. What I mean is, I never want to work so deep, so fast in an area with a client, that it causes them to tense up elsewhere, hold their breath, or check out of their body. It is essential to me that my clients are able to stay relaxed, present, and meet me with their awareness as we are working together.

It can be tempting to want to ‘just get after it’, but the reality is, when you work too aggressively in an area & are holding tension elsewhere, you are simply rewiring your nervous system to be in a danger holding and guarding response in that particular area. When a client sees me for the first time, they are often surprised at how relaxed they feel after the session and that it wasn’t painful.

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